Monday, December 22, 2008

Tips on Starting your own Small Business

Many of us would like to be entrepreneurs in our own right. Whether the motivation comes from contributing something to the community, or to earn additional stable income, going into a business usually starts small.

Small businesses today thrive more than ever now. Government and other private sectors help individuals live the “entrepreneur dream” by providing financial assistance for capital or business expansion.

To help you out in starting your own small business, follow some of these tips:

Study your niche very well.
It takes time and energy to study, research, observe, and survey the niche you are targeting to hop into. Check all the players in that market. Who are the major ones? Who is your direct competitor? See if you still have a place to do business. It is good to know that the pie is big for everyone.

Know your passion.
Most successful businesses are strongly, emotionally related to its owner. Know your passion well and capitalize on it. If you are to do business, it will be an easier job for you if it is your passion. If your heart is into it, the job is not work but a pleasurable thing to do.

Pool the necessary resources.
Finding funding help can be a little challenging if you are not financially prepared. While credit is a good thing to take when investing for a business, it is recommended that you have your own savings or cash to chip in. There are many institutions out there that offer easy terms of payment and low interest for a start-up business.

Think of the manpower that you will need.
Most start-up businesses are family businesses. It is nice to have some support from family members in running your enterprise, but you should also compensate them for their share. There are both advantages and disadvantages of including family in your labor force. The tip is to really think about what will be cost-efficient, and productive for your business. Think reliability, as well.

Check for buyers and suppliers.
This is critical in doing business. In choosing a supplier, look for the one that can give you the lowest operating expenses. Get service quotes and buyer quotes, as well. Know who your buyers really are, too. Think of your audience.

These are just some of the few tips you can follow. Seminars and trainings are also helpful to attend when you are going to start your own small business. Remember, big things start from small beginnings.

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Written by Bizman2008

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Nitty-Gritty of Organizing a Conference

Organizing a conference may seem easy as it sounds until everything goes amiss – invitations marked “return to sender”, last minute change of conference venues, things forgot to purchased and prepared, etc. Planning and implementation is simple, the hard part is the preparation. Let’s take a look at these 3 stages and study what each entails.

This is the initial stage where all the brainstorming happens – seeing to it that every minute detail of the conference is being covered. First step for this is the need assessment or the objective-setting where organizers analyze and identify the main reason for holding the event. Integral part of this stage is the development of theme and program. After which, are the following: budgeting, delegating tasks to respective persons, and setting time table.

This stage entails lots of discourse, arguments and even disputes but then this is the most important stage such that it will serve as the framework of the conference.
This is the tedious part – it’s where all the legwork and coordination takes place. From preparing invitations; prepare list of guests and attendees; venue, accommodation and transportation; handouts and kits; tokens; presentation materials; audio visual, production and staging; sourcing out sponsors and exhibitors, advertising and promotions; and arranging all other necessary documents. By this list itself, it can be easily concluded how critical the stage is.

While the first stage works out the brain, the preparation stage uses up physical energy. This deems number of sleepless nights, over time, and lots and lots of patience.

This is when all people are tensed, thinking if everything is already taken cared of and that nothing is forgotten. Final briefing, arrangements and setting up are done in this stage. Also, making sure that the plan or program is followed accordingly. It also includes handling delegates’ concerns and needs; providing secretarial and administrative assistance; and administering evaluation forms.

Assessment is very important in organizing conferences because this is where you identify the things that needs improvement, things that are lacking, and of course all the good points. This is for so organizers may have confidence the next time they hold a conference and be able to avoid making mistakes.

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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Few Tips on How to be a Smart Online-shopper

Want to make sure that you’re buying genuine Pandora Jewelry for your collection? Or do you consider having business with another online store because you can’t understand the policies and terms of the one you’re dealing with?

Evade the risk of being defraud while shopping online by keeping in mind the following dos and don’ts:

Online Store
There are instances when consumers thought they were transacting with trustworthy retailer when in fact they were being tricked by unscrupulous individual into giving out their financial information.
  • Don’t close a deal with an online store that you haven’t background-checked.
  • Do test the legitimacy of the store by confirming its physical address and contact information or by checking consumer reviews about it.

Product Quality and Authenticity
Since it’s a purchase made online where you can only see the product, not getting what you paid for can’t be avoided. This is why it is a must for online stores to present actual picture and accurate account of the product.
  • Don’t compromise product-quality and authenticity by haphazardly reading through the product description.
  • Do read closely every single description of the product and compare it with other online shops.

Cost and Terms
Cost and terms are very critical in online shopping as some shops have hidden charges and some do not shoulder delivery/shipping costs of your purchase; also there are prices that are “too good to be true” with reference to the product.
  • Don’t just agree and buy without knowing all the details of the transaction.
  • Do check out terms of the agreement and visit price comparison websites to make sure you got the best deal.

Financial Information
Legitimate companies do not ask this data by email. Also, there are hackers out there that steal account information and credit card numbers from unsecured merchant’s website.
  • Don’t disclose financial information through email.
  • Do look for Secure Sockets Layer encryption or URL that starts with “https” or quality seals to ensure that the site is protected when entering your credit card information.

Privacy Policy
This statement answers the “what”, “why” and “how” in consumer’s mind with regards to the personal information they supply. Since its confidentiality is of significance to consumers, this part ensures them that the data are being taken cared of and will not in any way be provided for spam or telemarketing purposes.
  • Don’t miss out the privacy policy.
  • Do read this part carefully and make sure that each online store you deal with has this guideline.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Low-cost Shopping Convenience

When you’re looking for quality and affordable items without the hassle of shopping in malls, discount shopping is for you! It’s as easy as clicking the mouse to your favorite website and browsing through it. Just imagine sitting cozily at home while visiting stores to check out stuffs you’re looking for, this is the convenience of low-cost shopping online.

From gadgets to clothes and everything in between, name it – you can find it there. Not only that there is a wide array of merchandise to choose from, you can also be assured that these are being updated from time to time. And most of all, you purchase these products at a substantially lower price.

Since these companies are based online, they can manage to lower their prices at a significant level. They are able to cut down their margins because they don’t have physical stores with rents, wages and distribution overheads to sustain. Through this, you are able to acquire better deals without sacrificing product quality.

Now, if you’re still not sure whether or not you’re getting the best price, there are comparison shopping websites that you may visit. These sites compare prices, offers, ratings and reviews on products at online stores which then help you make more informed choices.

And for further convenience, you can also find websites that do the “legwork” for you – meaning, they will be the one who’ll search for the right store with the best price. With this, you’ll have an easier time discount shopping online.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Good Property Investment

They say, “There is money in land.” So whether that is residential or commercial property, you are sure to earn when you make a good investment. Take note of that last part – making a good investment.

There are various resources where you can get available and free information about making a good property investment. There are reputable buyer agents that can take care of your needs. But the bottom line will always be your own willingness and effort to learn, research, and work. Normally, in order to find a profitable rental property, it takes time, connections, and plenty of research.

You can start off with good property investment by taking into consideration these factors:

Invest first in a good credit standing.
Good credit standing means having fewer credit cards balances to pay, and lesser consumer debt. Consequently, you have better chances for lenders to grant you loans. Institutions that provide loans can charge you of bigger down payments, and higher interests on loans. The most important thing is, you win their side because you have good credit history. Of course, it’s wiser that you have left over cash after you make a loan.

Networking is good.
Know the right people who can assist you in looking for a good property. Apart from checking ads, join groups and networks of agents and buyers where you can scoop the latest for sale property.

Set your timeline.
You have to know how long you are willing to own the rental property. Normally, short-term ownership gives a higher risk since you need to get ROI quickly from what you have invested. This becomes easier if the property is really so promising you can sell it at a high price easily. For longer property ownership, you have lesser risk, but that means you have to answer maintenance, and all the other stuffs involved in keeping a rental property.

Professional property buyer agents can offer you help so you can maximize your potential in earning wealth. These people can help you develop, activate and maintain the property investment portfolio most appropriate to your needs.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Pay Per Click Campaign Marketing for your business

PPC or pay-per-click marketing drives the most qualified traffic to the sales page of your website. An online paid campaign gives a high potential of quick ROI for your business.

In a pay-per-click campaign, you only have to pay every time a potential customer clicks on your ad. In Google Adwords for example, they display a list of sponsored links in its search page to attract your target market to buy, reserve, subscribe, or what not in your conversion page. The conversion can be an actual sales acquisition, or simply a sales lead depending on your business objective.

Your ad will only be displayed when the search query is appropriate to your product or service. If you are a hotel owner in Thailand, your ad will only appear once a user types in “hotel in Thailand” in the search bar. That way you will only be targeting people who are interested in your product or service. It’s targeted and qualified traffic of people coming to your website.
The main objective is to make your cost per acquisition lower than that of what you spend offline. The goal is to make online marketing more profitable for your business through a pay per click campaign.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

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